Propecia 1mg, 5 mg : Buy Generic Propecia online to treat hair loss

Barnd Name      :  Propecia
Composition      :  Finasteride
Description      :  Generic Propecia (Finasteride) is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor that helps men to regain their lost hair. Generic Propecia also treats prostatic hypertrophy. For hair-loss treatment, Propecia inhibits the presence of the male hormone DHT in the skin. This allows hair to start growing again on the scalp. When used in the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy, the various symptoms like problematic passing of urine as well as the inability of patient to pass urine are easily managed. The use of this medication also reduces the possibility of prostrate surgery. Users should ideally buy Propecia for scalp hair re-growth under a proper physician’s advice. Propecia results may take months before they are visible and hence users should continue to buy Propecia until advised by the physician. Users can order Propecia online right here right now or purchase Propecia just like most prescription drugs from regular, local drugstores.

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Generic Propecia is used in treating male pattern hair loss as well as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH).

How To Use

Generic Propecia is available in tablet form, making it very easy to take. Ideally, one Propecia tablet per day is recommended with or without food. For treatment of BPH, users may have to continue the use of Propecia for a minimum of six months to see any improvements. Similarly, hair loss treatment may need continuous Propecia use for three months at least. Stopping Propecia use in the middle may cause patient to lose out on all the improvement and hence generic Finasteride use should not be stopped unless under a doctor has advised it.

Users can buy Propecia online in strengths of 5mg and 1mg from here, right now. Available in packets of 30 and 90 tablets each, users can stock up on their requirements in advance, to prevent missing out on their doses. Users can enjoy discount Propecia prices, if it is ordered in bulks.

Side Effects

As in most prescription drugs, generic Propecia use also has the possibility of causing side effects in a very small proportion of users. Some of the most severe side effects observed are as follows:

  • Skin irritation
  • Bloating of facial features
  • Lump formations, aching, unusual discharge and size changes are usually observed in the patient’s breasts

Other milder side effects that may be regularly observed are:

  • Testicular aching
  • Reduced semen secretion quantity
  • Inability of the male patients to maintain penile erections
  • Reduction in normal sexual desires

Users should report any unusual side effects observed after Propecia use.


Propecia users can face complications if they are taking other medications or health related products along with Finasteride. Users should disclose to their physicians about all ongoing medications, supplements, alternative medications being taken or those that were taken by the patient in recent history.


Propecia Overdose

Users should stick to the dosage set by their physicians. Increase in dosage will increase complications rather than proving to be beneficial. Any untoward reactions caused by excess Propecia should be instantly notified by contacting 1-800-222-1222 or the nearest local poison center. If the patient is not able to regain consciousness or is unable to respire properly, the caregivers or the patient’s family should immediately call 911.
Propecia Missed Dose
Users should set a particular time for taking Propecia and stick to the timings everyday. Habituation will reduce ‘forgetting’ the doses. Yet, if the patient misses out on taking any Propecia dose, they should immediately take the missed dose. In case the next dose is in a short time span, patient should not take the missed dose. Users should then take the next dose. Users should note that they do not increase the normal dose to cover up for missed dose. Double dosing or increasing the normal dose may cause a Propecia overdose and increase complications.


Users should keep children and pets from reaching generic Propecia. It should be stored away from direct sunlight, moisture as well as heat. Do not keep Propecia tablets beyond their expiry date and dispose them off properly. Generic Propecia should be stored at room temperature of 59oF to 86oF (15oC – 30oC).


  • Any medical history of hepatic infections should be disclosed to the physicians before starting Propecia treatment.
  • Users should disclose to their physicians about any allergies especially to generic Finasteride or its components.
  • Pregnant women should not even touch crushed or broken Propecia medication as it may affect the male fetus. Any contact should be immediately reported to the physician.