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Drugs Quality

Well, BuyGenericMed is an online pharmacy that supplies premium quality generic medications that replicate well known branded medications, at very affordable and discounted prices. If you are worried about the use and effectiveness of generic health products, don’t be. The FDA itself acknowledges that generic drugs are just as effective and as useful as regular branded drugs. There is practically no difference in terms of preparation methods, medication usage instructions, the medicine’s efficacy, its quality, dosage strength and safety. The only difference noticeable is the price, which is significantly lower as the very high research and development costs are avoided. All the generic drugs supplied by us have all the required approvals from the local authorities and so you can rest assured that your discounted, low cost, generic medications will indeed help your health and not hamper it.


At BuyGenericMed, we take additional precautions with respect to the principles of quality, packaging standards, etc. and ensure that all our products pass through stringent control tests. Though there are heavy penalties imposed on suppliers if they are caught supplying substandard quality medications, at BuyGenericMed, we eliminate that possibility completely by implementing strict quality control standards of our own. When it comes to quality and effectiveness, we can certainly vouch for ours.


As an online pharmacy, it would be grossly erroneous on our part to overlook something so essential as a secure payment gateway. Though our main endeavor is to supply high quality, low cost generic medications at discounted prices, we have not overlooked the customer’s needs of having a secure payment portal. While BuyGenericMed has proactively been countering security threats that can compromise the customer by tapping into his personal and financial data by implementing the highest security standards on the web, it has also installed all kinds of firewalls to prevent such personal information from being hacked into. The BuyGenericMed online security circle is of the highest standards and some of the salient features of this security assistance are as follows:

  • A SSL Certificate with 2048 bit security has been installed to protect all customer data whenever the customer logs in or makes a purchase by making a bank payment.
  • No customer data, no matter how inconsequential, is ever shared with external entities outside the Genericmeds security circle.
  • All customer data that is stored by BuyGenericMed is stored in an encrypted format to avoid any potential misuse of it.

Our USP’s

BuyGenericMed gives the highest quality generic medications at the lowest possible, discounted costs and this is indeed its USP. The reason behind our claims that our prices cannot be beaten, are as follows:

  • Generic medications are always lower in costs than their branded cousins as these branded products include the costs of their R&D.;
  • BuyGenericMed supplies the medications directly from the manufacturers, thus eliminating all middlemen and indeed their margins.
  • BuyGenericMed, sources all its generic drugs from manufacturing nations that have price caps on the medications preventing their prices from going above a fixed level.
  • BuyGenericMed sources its generic medications from countries that have highly qualified skilled labor available at dirt cheap wages, thus bringing down the overall manufacturing costs.

Usually a single customer can save anywhere between 40 and 80 percent of their total healthcare bills on branded medications by buying equally effective generic substitutes. At Genericmeds, we say it is time to switch!.

Brand Vs Generic

Generic medications are really nothing but the exact same branded medication available at a lower cost. Unfortunately though, low costs carry the perception that the product is lower in quality. Yet, this is not the case with generic medications.

  • Generic medications work just as well as branded medicines as they use the exact same active ingredients as the branded medications.
  • The only reason distinguishing branded medications and generic medications is that the generic medications are made just as the branded medications are, after the patent that gives the branded medication the knowledge monopoly has expired.
  • The effectiveness of generic medications and the quality of generic medications is just as their branded counterparts as the facilities are designed and maintained according to the FDA guidelines and the WHO specifications.
  • Just as branded medications are, generic medications also go through clinical trials to test their efficacy and quality.
  • The appearance and the packaging of the generic medications must by law differ from their branded counterparts and this is possibly the only major difference between the two.

Levitra FAQs

Generic Levitra or Vardenafil is basically used to treat men who have erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence. Generic Levitra or Vardenafil inhibits the phosphodiesterase enzyme and this helps in maintaining a penile erection whenever there is sexual stimulation. It is important to note here that Levitra will not work for you if there is no stimulation. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about generic Levitra (Vardenafil).
Basic Information

    • What is Levitra?

Levitra is the branded marketed medication for the generic Vardenafil HCl. It is a prescription medication similar to Viagra that helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction to overcome their ED. It needs to be taken each time before you have sex and it requires sexual stimulation in order to work.

    • How Does Generic Levitra Work?

The working of <strongGeneric Levitra is similar to that of Viagra. Levitra blocks the PDE-5 enzyme (phosphordiesterase-5) and helps the rigid penile muscles to relax. This effectively increases the blood flow to the region and thus aids in retaining erections. Tests show that Generic Levitra achieves improved erections in at least 76 percent users.
Levitra Dosage and Usage Related FAQS

    • How much and how often can Generic Levitra be taken?

Generic Levitra is available in several strengths such as 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. The effect of Levitra may differ from person to person so it is imperative that people try out the lower dosages first and see if they work for them. If they don’t they can try progressively increased dosages. People over 65 and people with health complications are advised to take lower dosages of Levitra.
Generic Levitra intake frequency should not be of more than once a day. A 24 hour gap between two doses of Levitra is recommended. Generic Levitra dosages should not be combined with other similar medications such as Viagra and Cialis. One should not take any more than 20mg of Levitra as this is the maximum allowable dosage.

    • How Quickly Does Generic Levitra Work and How Long Does its Effect Last?

The effects of Generic Levitra can be noticed anywhere between fifteen minutes of taking it, right up to an hour. Several parameters such as eating a meal that is high in fats, etc. slow the absorption of Levitra and hence it may take longer to work.
While the primary effects of Levitra last up to four hours after taking it, some people may experience some lingering effects even a day or two after it has been taken.

    • Can Women Take Generic Levitra?

The answer to this most frequently asked question is still unknown. Generic Levitra has neither been tested nor approved for use by women. Despite this information, if a woman is still considering taking Generic Levitra, she must absolutely ensure that she at least speaks to her gynecologist first.

Levitra Side Effects and Precautions

    • What are the most common side effects of Levitra?

Headaches, runny noses, flushing and upset stomach are the most common side effects of Levitra. These side effects usually go away on their own within a couple of hours but if that does not happen or if some serious and life threatening side effects are noticed by users, they should contact their doctors immediately. Taking a lower dose of Levitra can lessen the chances of side effects.

    • What are the Levitra Interactions and Who Should Not Take Levitra?

There are several medicines, both prescription and over the counter, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements that can interact with Levitra and cause problems. You should either consult your doctor or pharmacist of get the full list from the instructions booklet provided with the medicine.
People with any kind of kidney or liver problems, as well as any other long term, chronic problems should first discuss the use of Levitra with a doctor before they start taking it. It is best to discuss any kind of health concern with a doctor before starting on Levitra, however inconsequential it may seem, so as to avoid any further health complications.
Viagra and Levitra Comparisons

    • Is Levitra Better than Viagra?

While both Levitra and Viagra work on the same principles there are some things to look at. Viagra has a proven track record as it has been around a lot longer. Levitra on the other hand, works a little faster and is less sensitive to food and alcohol intake than Viagra is. Levitra marketers have made it a big point to leverage the fact that Levitra works faster to gain momentum in an industry which had the monopoly of Viagra for the longest time.
Both Levitra and Viagra cost almost the same but due to some pharmaceutical websites offering really aggressive rates, you may find a few pricing discrepancies here and there.
In general, both Levitra and Viagra display the same side effects when taken in similar dosage percentages. Still, there are some side effects that are unique to one or the other. Visual disturbances for instance are only seen in Viagra users and have not been reported by Levitra users.

    • Does Levitra Work for Everyone?

If after taking Levitra you do not get an erection or if you get an erection but it fails to last long, you should tell your doctor as you may need a dosage increase. Apart from dosage increases and decreases that usually work, it has not been researched if there are any other people who still do not get the benefits of Levitra. If Levitra does not work for you, the best person to consult would be your doctor.