Can the pharmacy mail medications to international locations?
Yes. Our operations nearly cover the entire globe (exceptions being Sweden, Norway and the African continent). A 90-day supply with a 90-day refill is allowed through the discretionary power of the Customs. Users are not restricted to any amount of prescriptions. Please view our shipping policy page for details on our shipping pricing.

Why are prescription prices so low?
Any brand-name drugs that receive approval are priced within the limits set by the government. The authorities also cap any future price rise in these drugs. With an experience of nearly 25 years in local drug supply market, we have developed a supply chain that brings drugs directly to you from the manufactures, thus cutting out middlemen and the corresponding price rise. “THAT IS WHY WE ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE DRUGS AT SUCH LOW PRICES”. We assure you that all our products are high quality, genuine products that provide the same effectiveness offered to you by your local pharmacy drugs. Check Prescription Prices

How much money will I save?
Usually our customers save around 40-80% when compared to other sources of the same drugs. This usually translates in savings of hundreds of dollars on almost every order.

Do you require a prescription?
A valid prescription is essential. Ordering from our website is governed by terms and conditions, which state that when you order from us, you do so on the basis of a valid prescription issued by a qualified physician, based in the residential country. A prescription copy for your medications has to be sent to us for completing your order.

What Is the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?
Due to exceptional circumstances beyond our control, you may not receive your order within the assured 30 days of your order placement. Under such an event, you shall be offered a choice of reshipment or refund. For multiple orders, if your order happens to split up and a partial completion of your order occurs, we will reship the missing portion of the order. If you choose to get a refund, shipping and handling fees will be deducted.

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?
This transaction entry will be listed as “VERTICALPHAR6465028606” in your credit card statement.

Will the packaging be discreet? We understand and appreciate your need for discrete supply and take utmost care to maintain it. Unmarked paper envelopes are used in packing and only the shipping address as well as return address is visible to a casual viewer.

Kindly note that for locations that require customs declaration, it is necessary to identify the package contents on the customs label, which may lead to display of generic brand names (not the US brand) to be visible on the packing slip.

Do you provide any other type of medications?
Yes. Please visit our parent site: or contact our customer support at:

How long will it take for me to receive my prescriptions by mail?
Ideally a period of 7-15 working days for express mail delivered parcels and 10-20 working days for standard mail delivered parcels is sufficient. You can visit our shipping policy page for more details.

What is your return policy? Products that are to be returned should be returned within 10 working days, starting from the day the goods are delivered to you. You are requested to get in touch with our customer support at You will be provided with a RMA number as well as further instructions about returning the product. The original invoice or its copy along with the RMA number provided by our customer support should be included.

The “Distance Selling Act” entitles you to receive a refund on your credit card once the product has reached us. The “Distance Selling Act” will come into force only if the product is returned to us within 10 working days.

Is a pharmacy?
No. is just a pharmacy intermediary. A certified pharmacy associated to us fills in your prescription through a registered, licensed pharmacist and it is then delivered to you.

What do you accept for payments?
Currently you can make your payments through Visa.

Do you dispense controlled substances?
No. Controlled substances are not dispensed by us.

Do you have any ordering requirements?
Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age to make a valid order. In case of minor customers (aged below 18 years of age), their legal guardian will have to co-sign their order form.

Can I ship to an Alternate Shipping Address?
Of course. With a few more simple steps, you can set a different address as your shipping address. On successful placement of your order, you will be mailed a credit card verification form that has to be filled and faxed/emailed back to us. To speed up this process, you can also download the forms at our customer support site:

Why is My Order on Hold?
Your credit card security is our priority and we are very proud of our security measures that provide a very secure transaction process. In instances that appear fishy, for e.g. very high value merchandise or alternate shipping addresses, we prefer to double check and hence might keep your order on hold. You can always contact us at our customer support site: to ease your doubts.

My order has entered Customs — does this mean that it has been seized, or that I will not receive it?
No. It is basic procedure. Every order has to undergo a customs check. You will definitely receive your medications. The process usually takes 48 – 96 hours but in extreme cases may take 10 – 12 days for customs clearance.

Will I have to pay any Customs Duties?
Based on the rules of your country, there is a possibility of customs duty payment. is not responsible for any fees charged to you towards customs or any other sort of duties.

What are discount codes? comes up with regular, promotional offers. These are usually offered through “discount codes”. A discount code allows savings in the form of a flat concession, no-cost shipping, lump sum amount or a percentage reduction. Also known as coupons, shop codes, promotional codes, discount vouchers or voucher codes; discount codes are basically a trigger word that is made up of numbers and alphabets.

Who can use discount codes?
At particular times, various categories of consumers are eligible for different discount codes. Following are the various customer categories:

  1. First order only.
  2. Second order only.
  3. Regular customers that order high value purchases.
  4. Orders of particular category meds.
  5. Festival based promotional codes.
  6. Promotional codes provided every month to our regular customers.

How do I use discount codes?
Once you get a valid discount code, use it when you are about to order. There is a specific space in the payment process, where this code has to be placed:

  1. Place the valid discount code in the box allotted during the payment process.
  2. Now click on the “Redeem” button.
  3. As soon as you press the button, you will notice that the Final Total Price reduces on the basis of the “discount code” type.